How to Quit Smoking Naturally and Fast: Effective Step by Step Tips

How to Quit Smoking Naturally and Fast - The Crazy Shouters

Smoking is a habit. But when it is changed into addiction, then it causes great harm of body and mind. So it is better to quitting this habit. But all smokers have the same complain that it is not easy to quitting smoking. And it happens because if any one tries to quit smoking suddenly, he faces some common problems. And these side-effects are the causes for being difficult leaving smoking.

So let’s know about the easy ways to quit smoking

Why smoking is a addiction

For quitting smoking in easy ways, first you have to know when it becomes addiction. This addiction is caused for nicotine that the cigarette carries. It mixes up with human body in such a way that after some days, body demands for it automatically. And whenever your brain feels the demand of it, you become depressed and weak and think of having a cigarette.

Not only the demand of brain, there are many other reasons that enforce your for having cigarette. Such as smell of smoking, see someone having cigarette, excitement etc.

How to quit smoking

When it becomes an addiction, it becomes difficult to leave. The easy ways to leave smoking are

Don’t try to leave it suddenly on 1st effort

Stop smoking at certain is the common step that taken by many smokers to leave smoking. But only 5 to 7 percent people become successful with this effort. But others become depressed again and start smoking again. But you should take time and take help of others for quitting smoking.

Why will you quit smoking?

Determine the reason for quitting smoking. Leaving just it is needed-is not enough? As it is the life time process and any time you may start it again. That why, your willingness is a important fact in quitting smoking. You may consult with doctors for applying easy ways to quit smoking.

Take other nicotine instead of tobacco nicotine

Brain feels the need of nicotine while leaving smoking. So temporarily nicotine gum, patch, inhaler, spray etc can be taken. If you are younger than 18 years, consult with doctors then take this.

Physical exercise

Regular exercise decreases the smoking addiction. Walk or do other exercise regularly when you feel the need of cigarette.

Increase the amount of eating fruits and vegetables

Stop dieting while quitting smoking. Eat vegetables AND FRUITS AS much as possible.

Keep your house neat and clean

You may feel the need of smoking badly if you smell anywhere in your house the smell of smoking. So keep your house and clothes neat and clean for quitting smoking.

Things to be noticed while quitting smoking

  • Stay away from things that make you feel need of smoking.
  • Keep in mind that 1st some days will be tough for you, don’t be depressed.
  • Try to control your wishes. Controlling your wishes will control the way of leaving smoking.
  • Try to do something new in life or learn something new in life. Avoid people who smoke.

How tough will be the way of quitting smoking?

  • It depends on
  • How many cigarettes you take in a day
  • How many people around you do smoking? More or less?
  • And your willingness

Nicotine spreads in our whole body such a way that, you may feel the anxiety and need of it even after 8 to 12 weeks of quitting smoking. And there is no ways to stay away from this problem. First 2 days you will feel much depression and anxiety. It is not a big deal, so you have to try avoiding the matter. Don’t be worried. If you have strong determination to quit from the bad habit, 6 months will be enough for you.

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