12 Benefits of green tea you may not know

12 Benefits of green tea you may not know

The green leaf of tea trees is basically green tea. This tea is processed in a specific way, dried and then it is used. It is not tasty but healthy. It contains vitamin A, E and C. and it also contains calcium, magnesium and other mineral. Let us know the amazing benefits of drinking green tea regularly.

Increases Metabolism

It increases metabolism of body. It burns almost 67 calorie every day. It reduces extra weight and makes you slim and fit. It increases metabolism of blood cells. And it also helps in keeping blood pressure normal. So, hearts also remain well and fit and the problems of high blood pressure reduced.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Taking green tea regularly reduces bad cholesterol on the body and it increases helpful cholesterol in body. So body remains well. It contains cat chin that destroys harmful bacteria of mouth and destruction of teeth also. Regular green tea drinking reduces the risk of cancer.

Solved skin and pimples problem

It takes care of skin and pimples problem are also solved by green tea.

makes bone strong

Those who have diabetes should drink green tea regularly. It also makes bone strong.

Today’s young generation are also interested in green tea as it is a great way for weight loss. It reduces fat and helps in controlling weight. So by taking regular green tea, almost 7 pound can be decreased in a year.

good toner

Green tea works as a good toner. Mixing green tea, mint and water, tuner can be made. Then collect it in a spray bottle. Use it 2-3 times a day. It is good for your skin.

Keep young

It also slows the process of become aged. Here it contains a kind of antioxidant that helps to keep your youth for long time.

reducing dark circle

Keep 2 bags of green tea for 2 hours in a refrigerator. Then after being cold, use these on your eyes for reducing dark circle.

Keep your skin soft and smooth

Leafs of dry green tea can be used as scrub by mixing with honey. It makes your skin soft and smooth by decreasing dirt and dead-cells from your skin.

reducing bad smell of arms

Green tea also works as deodorant for reducing bad smell of arms. After having bath, use of cold green tea on the underarms will reduce bad smell.

moisturizes your skin

Make moisturizer mask with green tea, honey and curt and use it on your face. It moisturizes your skin as an effective lotion.

increases prevention power

It helps body cells from bad effect and increases prevention power of body. It also reduces the possibility of heart attack. By taking green tea regularly you will also be able to prevent kidney diseases.


In Japan, a survey was continued among 40530 people from whom 40-79 people had taken green tea more than 5 times a day regularly. The survey indicated that among green tea taking people, the rate of death was decreased 12 percent in case of man and 23 percent in case of boys. For only tea three are some tea shops in Germany. There you can get better qualified green tea. Most of the green tea is imported from china and Japan.

According to another survey of Japan, those have green tea 2 times in a day stay mentally fitter then others. It makes immune system stronger.  But this tea should be taken regularly. It contains vitamin E, A, C, calcium and magnesium.

We many are addicted to tea, a cup of tea we offer and also take with great enthusiasm. Even feeling dizzy is a common matter if we can’t have “Good morning tea”. But the preference of green tea is increasing day by day. Especially to those who are very conscious about health. So the habit of taking green tea regularly will keep us health and active all the day.

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